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SR-HD2500EU Снят с производства

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JVC's SR-HD2500 combo deck allows users to create standard Blu-Ray high-definition discs or common DVDs from a large variety of high definition content sources without the need to utilize complex software or IT hardware. 


Based on the design and technology of the SR-HD1500, the SR-HD2500 makes it possible to record High Definition content to HDD, and create Blu-Ray discs easily and efficiently. 
It's the first BD recorder to feature the SDI interface – compatible with all HDV or AVCHD cameras on the market, offering the benefit of easy content distribution for any user who shoots on an HDV or AVCHD camcorder. Further more, the new SR-HD2500 allows direct recording to Blu-Ray disc from the HDSDI Input and the new option of adding a time stamp to your recordings for documented content. 
And for the vast majority of clients who still distribute their content in standard definition, the new combo deck provides automatic downscaling of high-definition content allowing the footage to be burned to standard definition DVDs.

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  • Blu-Ray and DVD Recording including sophisticated BDMV Blu-Ray discs with user definable menus plus creation of standard definition DVDs directly from high-definition content.
  • HD-SDI IN and out, Live or Monitor out selectable
  • Integrated 500GB hard drive for content ingest, storage and manipulation 
    SDHC card reader with support for QuickTime .mov files shot on JVC’s GY-HM100 
    and GY-HM750 camcorders in SP mode
  • Supported Formats: VIDEO - MPEG2TS / MPEG2PS / H.264 AVC
  • Audio - Dolby Digital/LPCM
  • Recording with time stamp
  • Remote control (RS-232C)
  • Firewire connection


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