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The ECM-77 is probably the most often seen lapel microphone on TV and it is used widely in both studio production and on location. Its popularity is based on a combination of excellent sound quality, robust construction and an attractive cosmetic design. This microphone is the ECM-77BPT which is supplied with pre solder bare wire ends.

  • Hands Free

    As a lapel microphone, the ECM-77 is an alternative to the traditional hand held microphone and being 'hands free' it allows the presenter to concentrate on her/his performance.

  • Professional Image

    The ECM-77 is probably the most seen microphone on TV and its compact design creates a professional image.

  • Easy and Familiar Operation

    The ECM-77 is an essential tool for achieving good quality voice recording. The microphone's capsule is designed for voice pick-up with an extended frequency response and impressive sensitivity. The popularity of the microphone in TV production means that most sound people will be familiar with using the ECM-77.


  • Designed for high quality voice pick-up

    The ECM-77's capsule features a voice emphasis curve, extended frequency response and sensitivity.

  • Minute size

    The capsule has a diameter of only 5.6mm and is 12.5mm long.

  • Ready for other systems

    The ECM-77BPT version is supplied with pre-solder wire ends, allowing a convenient solution for interfacing the microphone with other types of connectors.

Технические характеристики

Audio Section

Capsule Type Electret Condenser
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Directivity Omni-directional
Sensitivity *[1] -39.0 dB (11.2 mV)
Output Impedance *[2] 2.5kΩ±30%, Unbalanced
Dynamic Range 90 dB or more
Signal-to-Noise Ratio *[3] 64 dB or more
Inherent Noise *[4] 30 dB SPL or less
Induction Noise From External Magnetic Field *[5] 5 dB SPL or less
Wind Noise *[6] 40 dB SPL or less (with windscreen)
Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level *[7] 120 dB SPL

General Section

Connector No connector (Pigtail)
Mic Cable 9.8 feet
Mic Cable 3 m
Power Requirements DC 1.1 V to 10.0 V
Power Consumption 0.4 mA or less
Dimensions *[8] o5.6 X 12.5 mm (Mic head)
Dimensions *[8] o1/4 X 1/2 inches (Mic head)
Mass Approx. 22.7 g
Mass Approx. 0.8 oz
Supplied Accessories Single/horizontal type tie clip (1)
Supplied Accessories Metal-mesh type windscreen (1)
Optional Accessories Wind screen pack
Optional Accessories Vertical clip pack
Optional Accessories Safety pin type clip pack
Optional Accessories Horizontal double-clip pack
Optional Accessories Horiozntal single-clip pack
Optional Accessories ECM-77 accessory kit
Optional Accessories Colored wind screen kit
Optional Accessories Black windscreen for ECM-77


Note *[1] 0 dB = 1 V/Pa, at 1 kHz
Note *[2] Output impedance at 1 kHz
Note *[3] A-weighted, 1 kHz, 1 Pa.
Note *[4] 0dB SPL = 20? Pa
Note *[5] dB SPL/1E-7 T, 0 dB SPL = 20? Pa.
Note *[6] Wind noise at 2m/s (0 dB SPL = 20?Pa.)
Note *[7] 0 dB SPL = 20? Pa
Note *[8] The values for dimensions are approximate.


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