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Камерный адаптер для соединения HC-400/W с MA-400.

The CA-450 is a Camera Adapter designed for an HC-400/400W or HL-45/45W portable camera to use with new Multi-core Base Station, MA-400 or MA-400CP. The unit has 26-pin VTR connector to be connected with the external VTR via a VTR cable or an MA-400/400CP Base Station via a Multi-core cable.

  • DC IN Connector
    Connector for receiving the +12V power supply from the AC power box and rear battery.
  • VTR Connector
    Used to connect VCR or multi-core cable adaptor. In this case, switch the VTR/MA switch on this right of the camera adaptor.
  • Audio Level IND Switch
    Used to switch the level meter displayed on the VF. When using a VCR that has a return audio function, set to "EXT" and otherwise, set to "INT".
  • MIC Switch
    Set this switch according to a kind of the incom mic. "DYN": Dynamic mic, "CAR": Carbon mic. When using MT-667D-01, set to "DYN".
  • RGB DIRECT Switch
    Set to "ON" when talking out RGB and SYNC signals from the 26-pin connector.
  • CABLE COMP Switch
    When using a portable VCR with a cable of 30m, if this switch is set to "ON", the cable loss of video signal from the VTR connector could be compensated.
  • CALL Switch
    Used to call the multi-core cable adaptor from the camera.
  • TALLY Indicator Lamp
    Lights on when the CALL switch of the multi-core cable adaptor is lamp pressed. This lamp also lights on at VCR recording.
  • INCOM LEVEL Volume
    Used to adjust the INCOM and Earphone jack volume.
    Outputs voice currently recorded by the VCR.
  • INCOM Mic Switch
    Used to switch the INCOM MIC to on or off.
  • INCOM Jack
    Used to speak with the multi-core cable adaptor.
  • Battery Switch
    Used when no power is supplied from the DC IN connector.
  • VTR/MA Select Switch
    Used to switch the VTR or MA operation.
  • lVTR mode/MA mode Select Switch
  • MIC Level Select Switch
    Used to switch the level of a voice signal output from the VTR connector.
  • VTR Start/Stop Switch
    This switch operates synchronously with the VTR START/STOP switch in the front of the camera head.


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