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Камерный адаптер для HL-45/W.

The CA-40 is a Camera Adapter designed for HL-43, HL-43Aor HL-45/45W portable camera. The unit has 26-pin VTR connector to be connected with the external VTR via a VTR cable or an MA-200A/MA-400 Base Station via Multi-core cable. 
* To be used with MA-400, an optional modification kit (MOD-CA40-1) is required.

  • Back Tally Lamp 
    Lights up during VCR recording and when calling from the base station.
  • Power Switch 
    When +12V is supplied to the camera, turn on this switch to start operation of the camera. The POWER IND glows when the camera starts operation, and the lamp blinks when the +12V power increases above +16V or drops below the voltage se by the menu.
  • Genlock IN Connector 
    When matching the composite video signal of the camera with the sync signal of another system, it is connector for inputting the sync signal of that system to this connector.
  • DC IN Connector 
    This receive +12V from the AC Pack (ACP-735) or the rear battery.
  • Breaker Button 
    When an excessive current flows inside the unit, the breaker is actuated to turn off power automatically, for protection.
  • Remote Connector 
    This is used to connect the remote control unit RCU-240 or OCP-40.
  • Video Out Connector 
    Outputs the composite video signal.
  • Earphone Jack 
    This permits monitoring of the level when recording with the external VTR.
  • INCOM Jack 
    Use the headset MT-667D-01 when talking with the base station.
  • VTR Connector 
    This connector can be used for the connection between the camera and the VTR or MA-200A Base Station.
  • Y/C Connector 
    Used to monitor directly using a Y/C monitor.
  • CALL Switch 
    When calling the Base Station from the camera, press this switch.
  • AUX Connector 
    This is used to supply a separate +12V power.


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