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Индивидуальный полный мониторинг объектов

Высокоадаптируемая телевизионная система мониторинга сети iControl совместима с несколькими передовыми электронными технологиями наблюдения, включая мониторинг по методу исключения. Он предлагает электронное зондирование с обнаружением макроблока, порога ошибки синхронизации и обнаружение несоответствия контента с использованием video/audio fingerprints. Использование SNMP, визуального и акустического мониторинга позволяет индивидуально настроить систему мониторинга и управления для вещательных компаний и операторов платного ТВ, в том числе передовых систем управления всей сетью.

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End-to-End Monitoring

  • iControl is the most complete end-to-end, signal and facility monitoring system for broadcasters and television service providers
  • All the elements involved in the production, processing and playout of television signals can be controlled from a single, integrated GUI

Top Quality User Interface

  • Highly graphical views, with full motion and high quality streaming video, allow operators to quickly identify and respond to alarms, and thereby reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • System is geared towards simplifying operations so that a single user can control more channels or a broader range of monitoring tasks
  • Interface can be configured with multiple levels appropriate to different tasks:
    • Geographic View provides multisite viewing
    • Operational View offers a closer view of a facility
    • Maintenance Views provide even closer device and signal level monitoring

Full Scalability

  • Easily scales from small projects, with a few signals in a single room, to the largest systems with hundreds of services across multiple locations.
  • Monitoring by Exception allows operators to focus their attention on television channels with alarm conditions, without distraction from correctly functioning channels

SNMP Monitoring plus Embedded Applications

  • High level of control and monitoring of Grass Valley and third-party devices by combining SNMP control protocols with feedback from full motion and high quality streaming video
  • With its SNMP Manager functions, iControl interfaces to all SNMP-enabled devices, and users can establish their own SNMP interfaces
  • A higher level of control of third-party devices is achieved by embedding their native applications in the GUI, and these can be automatically presented by device alarms to speed up response times

Network Management System (NMS)

  • By correlating information from multiple signals and systems, iControl offers advanced alarm management which helps operators deal with the large volumes of alarms generated in large facilities
  • Multiple events can be managed as a whole, with related alarms automatically grouped under a single "umbrella."
  • Multiple users can work together in a coordinated manner to troubleshoot complex networks and multiple alarms

Auto-Pilot Capability

  • Auto-pilot capability, driven by Scripted Macros, can guide operators through complex diagnostics, and can provide automatic reaction to failures. For instance, in the event of a failure of the transmission stream, a backup signal path can be activated


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