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Облачный Playout и регионализация

GV STRATUS Playout является следующим шагом автоматизации и playout на основе накопленного опыта Grass Valley, эволюции процесса автоматизации и playout с помощью новейших технологий и коммерческих преимуществ облака.

     Концепция и архитектура GV STRATUS Playout использует расширенные возможности подлинных облачных вычислений, надежно обеспечивая высокую эластичность и масштабируемость с аппаратным устройством.

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Cloud-based SaaS
  • True cloud-based computing service based on the Microsoft Azure platform, resulting in on-demand scalability of computing resources
  • GV STRATUS Playout applications are SaaS, resulting in lower up-front costs and greater flexibility
  • GV STRATUS Playout uses third-party identity providers to allow integration with any customer’s security policies
  • All interaction with GV STRATUS Playout is via a web-based client ensuring new users can connect to the system with ease
  • Locations of operational positions and controlled devices are completely flexible, resulting in lower operational costs and the possibility of new operational models
  • Additional channels can be added within minutes and the amount of computing resources allocated to existing channels is scaled automatically depending on load
  • All metadata used by GV STRATUS Playout is replicated within the local data center and automatically synchronized to a geo-redundant data center to ensure high availability
  • Customer retains control of broadcast media storage on-site or at a remotely-controlled location — media is not stored in the cloud
  • Integrates to traffic systems using BXF or iTXML interfaces
  • Supports hierarchical schedule management to allow multiple levels of regional schedule variations and master-slave configurations
  • Provides powerful schedule editing tools
  • Can be used to control channel playout, regional insertion operations or combinations of both
  • Works in conjunction with Grass Valley Densité SSP-3801 solid-state playout card to provide a complete playout solution with SD and HD clip playback, live event support, high quality graphics, subtitles, aspect ratio signalling and multiple audio languages
  • Provides media and device status monitoring together with live thumbnails for playout devices in any number of locations
  • Architecture is optimized to provide low latency operations over remote links
  • Works equally well with regionally deployed or network center-based devices and systems
Playout Card
  • Full integration with GV STRATUS Playout using secure, open-standard web services protocols to provide playlist input, status updates, thumbnails and alerts to the end user
  • Supports manual or playlist control of all display functions
  • SCTE104 splice trigger support to facilitate local channel variations
  • Solid-state disks provide high performance, high reliability storage of HD material and are available in 3 sizes: 375 GB, 775 GB and 1550 GB
  • Embedded Linux OS enables cold boot to playout in under 45 seconds
  • Pulls broadcast media from a number of configured locations for maximum resilience and flexibility
  • Will robustly continue to operate during temporary loss of connection to GV STRATUS Playout using previously downloaded playlists or “evergreen” material
  • Provides frame accurate playback of clip media including video, multichannel audio and ancillary data
  • Supports live events including transitions and pass-through of video, audio and ancillary data
  • Supports up to 4 OSD layers with configurable z-order including an external fill and key input
  • Display of still and animated logos with full key channel
  • Display of full-screen, pre-rendered graphics sequences with near-zero load time and unlimited file size
  • Built-in voice-over playback support
  • Controls Densité HCO change-over card for main and backup playout applications
  • Supports media in MXF AS03 wrapper with MPEG-2 video, PCM Audio and SMPTE 436M ancillary data (includes IMX and XDCAM profile support)
  • Full support for ancillary data with SMPTE-436M including subtitling, closed captioning and AFD
  • All inputs and outputs support HD and SD (625, 525, 1080i and 720p at 50 and 59.94 frame rates)
  • Dual video inputs and full resolution fill and key input for maximum flexibility
  • Dual GigE network connections (may be bonded for network redundancy)
  • Reference input with loop-through, LTC input, 4 GPIO ports, 2 serial ports
  • Fully configurable over a network interface and supports backup of configuration data to Densité controller for hot swap functionality
  • Occupies 4 Densité frame slots, can be combined with other Densité modules and consumes less than 50W
  • Includes router control support (NVISION 9000 and NVISION Compact CQX)


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