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GV Convergent

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GV Convergent

IP/SDI управление маршрутизацией и конфигурацией системы

GV Convergent прозрачно управляет маршрутизацией объекта во время перехода из SDI в IP-инфраструктуру, поддерживая привычные интерфейсы управления и внедряя новые интуитивнопонятные графические интерфейсы для конфигурации, управления и контроля. GV Convergent, как инфраструктура и сигнальный формат, является основой для легкой масштабируемости системы сегодня и в будущем.

Скачать:  GV_Convergent, GV_IP_Switch_Requirements, Glass-to-Glass_IP GV_Broadcast_DCNVISION



Transparent management of SDI and IP infrastructure

  • GV Convergent works with commercial off the shelf (COTS) switches
  • Uses industry Audio/Video over IP standards such as SMPTE ST 2022-6
  • Works transparently in an SDI/IP environment

Faster configuration and efficient operation

  • Incorporates intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), which is platform agnostic and can run on tablets and other devices, extending the capacity for configuration and troubleshooting the system from portable devices
  • The software optimizes the data entry and navigation using touchscreen and gesture features for enhanced user experience and greater usability
  • Glitch-free configuration updates are done in real time, with zero downtime
  • Provides multiple, simultaneous, administrator data entry points, which are very useful in dynamic environments such as trucks

Mission critical and scalable architecture

  • Completely integrated configuration and distributed control environment allows easy and dynamic sharing of configurations and data, enabling easy scalability from small to very large facilities handling thousands of I/Os
  • Distributed services provide robust and efficient redundancy, leading to zero down time and glitch free failover impact

Unified control system*

  • Advanced tally system
  • Tielines and bandwidth management
  • Direct control of IP endpoints
  • SDI router control system

Software Defined Networking*

  • Bandwidth link capacity management
  • Parallel support of SDN and IGMP
  • Security supervision
  • Redundant IP infrastructure management


  • Ease into IP   
  • Hide network complexity from your operators
  • One intuitive common and familiar interface for your SDI and IP workflows
  • Add IP to your facility, maintaining familiar interfaces and workflows, eliminating re-training

*Note: Inquire regarding availability.


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