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T2 Express 2, Pro 2 and Elite 2 iDDRs

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T2 Express 2, Pro 2 and Elite 2 iDDRs

Цифровые видеомагнитофоны/плееры

IDDR T2 является полным и самодостаточным SD и HD аудио/видео центром. Элементы управления на передней панели имеют внешний вид традиционного VTR, один канал записи и два выходных канала для SD и HD контента. Четкая и понятная передняя LCD панель отображает изображения высокого качества и дополняется набором прикладного программного обеспечения для управления и выбора мультимедийных клипов, редактирования,  воспроизведения и создание списка.


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T2 Express 2 (HDD)

  • RAID-0 (500 GB HDD x2) 
  • 1 TB usable storage — 14 hours recording capacity (Grass Valley HQ: 150 Mb/s) — 36 hours of XDCAM HD422 @ 50 Mb/s

T2 Pro 2 (HDD)

  • RAID-10 (500 GB HDD x4) 
  • 1 TB usable storage — 14 hours recording capacity (Grass Valley HQ: 150 Mb/s) — 36 hours of XDCAM HD422 @ 50 Mb/s

T2 Elite 2 (SSD)

  • RAID-0 (1 TB SSD x2) 
  • 2 TB usable storage — 28 hours recording capacity (Grass Valley HQ: 150 Mb/s) — 72 hours XDCAM HD422 @ 50 Mb/s


  • True HD support — 720p, 1080i and 1080p24 
  • Up/downconversion for a wider range of resolutions and application support
  • Native import/playback for most standard formats (see list below)
  • Synchronize multiple T2s for 4K playback
  • Multiformat support (transcoding to Grass Valley HQ AVI) for most standard and broadcast formats (see list below)
  • Three decks for the price of one — 1 record and 2 playback channels work independently and simultaneously
  • 2-channel synchronized playback for key/fill rolls, edge blend displays, multiscreen and 3D applications
  • Embedded audio (8 channels per SDI connection)
  • AES/EBU audio supported
  • Easy-to-use front panel interface
  • Workstation mode included as standard
  • Simple on-the-fly editing, including trimming, mark in/out, markers with comments, basic transition effects and insertion of placeholders for playlists
  • Robust design — engineered to withstand punishing live event and mobile production environments 
  • Full back-up and restore feature
  • Timecode chase playback with LTC input
  • Integration support for third-party control (BVW, GPIO and AMP)
  • Ingest management including: 
    • MXF XDCAM format support with closed caption data
    • Direct ingest to external media/storage
    • User-defined clip names
    • Scheduler
  • Import from Final Cut Pro in QuickTime format using the free Grass Valley HQ codec for Mac onto an exFAT HDD
  • Supports ProRes 422 and ProRes 4444 (T2 Elite 2 only)
  • Fast playlist rendering speed (up to 10 times real-time)
  • Supports 720p to 1080i real-time crossconversion
  • File-based operation enhancements including:
    • FTP transfer rate limit to maintain playback performance
    • NTP Synchronization
    • Watch folder transfers
  • Direct access to a media folder with EDIUS and the ability to edit a growing file — AVI (Grass Valley HQ) and MXF (XDCAM). T2 Elite 2 only
  • Export a growing MXF (XDCAM) file via FTP
  • Export to Sony XDCAM drive (U1/U2)
  • Media card reader (T2 Elite 2 only) — SD, SD (UHS-II), CF, SxS, 2.5-inch SSD


  • Events and staging
  • Auditoriums
  • Corporate A/V centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Broadcast display support
  • Regional sports companies
  • Switcher support for playback


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