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iControl Edge

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iControl Edge

Передовой опыт автоматизации мониторинга качества

iControl Edge предлагает улучшенное качество (QoE) мониторинга для операторов платного телевидения, используя автоматизированный мониторинг сигнала ТВ-приставки.
Система включает в себя широкий спектр передовых электронных технологий наблюдения, включая мониторинг по методу исключения и обнаружения макроблока.
Сигналы тревоги настраиваются на основе канала-в-канале с триггером записи, что ускоряет диагностику.

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Highly Automated Monitoring

  • Highly automated Quality of Experience monitoring over IP, with minimal operating costs
  • Based on Monitoring by Exception, with all the channels continuously monitored to assess if they have any errors, or are outside pre-set signal limits
  • Whenever signals breach alarm thresholds, the system immediately directs the operator to the faults, using the intuitive interface, to help reduce the Mean Time to Repair
  • Advanced cycling engine allows a small number of set-top boxes to monitor hundreds of channels

Advanced Probing

  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities include freeze, black, silence, loudness and macro-block detection
  • Electronic monitoring is performed without operator intervention, and this allows facilities to address any signal problems at a very early stage

Fast Diagnostics

  • iControl Edge simplifies a facility's fault finding process to reduce the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), and help maintain a high Quality of Experience
  • When a video or audio error is detected, alarms are automatically raised and logged, and the signal is recorded to simplify diagnostics and reduce the MTTR
  • Video/audio streaming also contributes to more effective monitoring and faster fault resolution

Per Channel Configuration

  • Monitoring capabilities and alarming thresholds for each channel can be adjusted individually to address their specific requirements
  • Overall monitoring costs can be minimized, without compromising monitoring effectiveness where it counts
  • Monitoring can be configured quickly, and this allows rapid adjustments to be made to device IDs, locations, signals and alarm thresholds
  • Simplicity minimizes the installation time, and reduces on-going costs

Scales to Network Management System

  • iControl Edge offers quick deployment of highly effective Quality of Experience monitoring
  • System can be easily expanded to cover hundreds of channels across multiple locations
  • System can grow into a fully featured, end-to-end Network Management System


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