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The Professionals Choice

Shooting on NXCAM requires a media that’s specially designed to be reliable, durable and secure. Which is why we’re launching a professional memory stick at IBC 2012 with a range of advanced features to protect precious footage. This new all-weather stick records on two separate areas of the media so there’s always a back-up copy available of content.

Compatible with NXCAM

This new professional Memory Stick will be available at the same time as the new NXCAM camcorder NEX-EA50 and will be compatible with all existing NXCAM camcorders.

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  • High Portable Storage

    Stores up to 64GB of data in standard mode or up to 32GB in mirroring mode
    16GB, 32GB available in October 2012 and 64BG in November 2012

    • Safe and Reliable

      Records simultaneously to two areas of the media so if the content on one area is damaged, the content recorded to the other area remains undamaged and secured for playback
      Ideal for shooting on location where preserving recordings is essential
      Ideal for photographers with cameras that only have one memory card slot or no built-in memory

    • Memory Media Utility Software

      Set up a password on a PC to protect data if the memory stick is lost
      Warns you when approaching media overwrite limits
      Easily back up to a PC or hard disc drive in one step
      Choose from quick or full formatting

    • Professional Durability

      Anti-static, waterproof and dustproof – tough enough for extreme conditions*
      Can be bent, twisted and slotted in and out of equipment**
      Comes in a special hard case with strap hole for attaching to a case or bag
      *Anti-static is certified to IEC61000-4-2 standard. Waterproof and dustproof is certified to IEC IPX58 standard
      ** The PX series passes durability testing of 12,000 slot insertions and removals

    Технические характеристики


    Minimum guaranteed writing speed 15MB/s
    Top writing speed -
    Top reading speed 50MB/s

    File Rescue

    Downloadable tool

    Major supporting formats


    Memory Media Utility


    Mirroring mode

    Media function Yes

    High speed mode

    Media function Yes
    Media & Hardware function Yes

    Replacement notice

    Media function Yes

    Content backup

    Application function Yes


    Application function Yes


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